Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year!!!!!

from our house to yours...........

dont make too much noise......
let sleeping cats lie........isnt that the saying???

Hope 2015 is a healthy happy year for everyone!

I think I will find some time to sew. they say
whatever you do on the first, you will do 
throughout the year.
I am hoping to be a sewing maniac! LOL

3 comments: said...

I thought initially that Dunkin was being a party animal. We are deep frying a couple of turkeys, the minions are coming over, and the youngest daughter is going to clean house for us! A clean start to the new year.

barbara woods said...

Hope you have a wonderful year

Julierose said...

Happy New Year to your darling kitties, too (oh and you guys, too LOL) hugs, Julierose