Friday, January 30, 2015

how did I clean up my sewing room?

by cutting 2 1/2 inch squares of fabric pieces
and then they were so cute sitting there in the metal tin
that I had to sew some......... much for "cleaning".
I sewed 7 of these 16 patches......2 at a time 
then four

kind of like that mountain to climb
because it was there...
because I can...
BUT I DID find some more sewn coin pieces in the pile
they were so pretty I just had to do something with them

so pulled out a coordinating red fat quarter
and proceeded to make a zippy bag
no pattern. I just used the size of the coin piece
cut it into 2  one for front and one for back
then cut some fabric about half the width of the coins and sewed to the top
added more red to the bottom
sewed in the zipper
turned and sewed the sides
made the little triangle thingys a the bottom to give it depth
and made a tie for the zipper
I didnt line it but next time I will try that with a pattern
I dont think it came out too bad for winging it
the angle of the camera is off. it is not wonky......
it is hard to photograph anything with cats around.
I twist and turn and try to get the shot before I 
get photobombed  

another gift that was unexpected for the Christmas box.
I should clean more often eh?

6 comments: said...

LOL Photo bombed by a cat. Those turned out very cute though.

Jayne Honnold said...

How clever! Love your little zippy bag. One can never have too many! This is the way cleaning a sewing room goes for me too, and I also have a cat that likes to be in the thick of things. Some things just never change!

Julierose said...

Cleaning always leads to sewing I think! Cute 16 patch. I pine each square on my White croses in a row and then zip em through row by my 2.5 inchies...Another snowy morning--glad weekend is coming. get to go and see Mom tomorrow with DH driving--our roads are the pits!! Hugs, Stay safe and warm, Julierose

barbara woods said...

thats the way i clean up!! Hugs

Lynne said...

Zippers! Thanks you; that's just what I needed -- someone to prompt me on what I'd like to learn when I return to class tomorrow after our summer break. I need to become comfortable with zippers. I wonder I have one lying around and then can I find a beginner's pattern? I'll have to get up and look just as soon as I've finished reading blogs -- beginnings and ends of months always mean extra blog posts for some strange reason!

Lynne said...

Oops, I forgot to say I love your zippy pouch -- I really want to be that comfortable with zippers than I can wing it just as you did!