Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mom why did you wake me up?

this little sleepy head was not happy I snapped her picture.
Why did you wake me up Mom?
Well Phoebe, it is like this. Dunkin has been helping Mom 
find things in the sewing room and I just thought
MAYBE you would like to help too.

oooooo........  good find Phoebe. I want to finish some of these purses in Feb.
I had forgotten that I had sewn some blue squares for a blue one
gotta find a coordinate for the bottom and handles............
that should be easy in blue........It is all over the place as it is my fav color

aw.........a remaining square of deer fabric........I thought I had used it all up
what to do with it? maybe in an eye spy ?

check out my completed journal. each year I write down projects I have completed.
it helps me to see how much I have done
Lookie so far!!!!!
and it is only a little past the middle of the month. 
YAY me!!!!!

we will see if I can accomplish my goal of getting all ten kite centerpieces done in Jan......
thanks for helping me can go back to sleep now.....

4 comments: said...

Good job getting some of your goals completed.

Julierose said...

You have gotten a whole lot done already!! Hugs, Julierose

Patrica said...

When I see how much you have accomplished this month already I feel like such a slug! I must get back to the drudgery of folding and sorting and folding and sorting oh my goodness. How did I manage to accumulate so much stuff?

barbara woods said...

was that at 4::30 this morning? no wonder she didn't want to wake up