Monday, January 5, 2015

more pondering

do I want to make something dresdan?

Mom I just dont know.  dresdans are so last year
with you  
arent you sick of them yet?

Phoebe and Dunkin dont see eye to eye so how can they help
me to decide?
I'm not talking to you Dunkin
dont look at me even.............LOL

hmmmm.......  some low volume ideas may be welcome

dont let the cat out of the bag! 
I am trying to make a pretty secret Valentine project
I will show you bits and pieces as I go along
Hoping that I can try new techniques and inspire someone else
to do the same

that is how we grow, right?
back to that stash...........

3 comments: said...

Oh no a famous feud with having to share a small space and no one talking. Dunkin is too progressive and Phoebe is well herself. Will they come to a compromise? Doesn't look promising....but what wonders can mom make?

Julierose said...

Dunkin and Phoebe look like cute bookends--no compromise there, I think! Cats are such funny little fur persons...hugs, Julierose

Rebecca in AK said...

Phoebe and Duncan are both definitely going their own way! Look forward to seeing what your working on.