Thursday, January 15, 2015

someone asked me about my old quilts

a blog friend asked about older quilts I have (uh hem.....) made
this one was one I made with a niece when she was little
it is all her favorite things (at the time)

see? she was small. 
she is now 21 and this baby needs to be quilted up and given to her

this was her pet hamster LOL

this is an old UFO that I need to handquilt
I gotta do a little each night and get er done
I love this one for ME

this was my mother in laws quilt of things in her life
I need to patch it so my kids can have it later when I am gone

this is another one I love but is just a top.
need to quilt

this one you have seen many photos of. 
the recipient Dunkin loves it LOL

a runner.......hmmmmm   where is this one???
I think it is unquilted too

this one I love. my old neighbor and I each made one and I handquilted mine.
(a finish! yay)
I love the crinkly look of it and loved the hand quilting too

this one needs quilting to finish

this recipient loves her quilt too!  she picked it out
many times out of a box of them we were donating to the nursing home
she said uh no. this one is MINE

another shot of Mr wonderful
the brat! LOL

pile of ufo blocks

more ufo blocks

another top I made for a man at the nursing home
need to quilt

a girl quilt
need to quilt

a small 4 block quilt

need to quilt


see a pattern here?????

hope some of my quilts inspired you to make something

4 comments: said...

ROFL Oh I hope it wasn't me. Hand quilting? Oh my I hand quilted 1 quilt. it was horrendous!

Julierose said...

you have a whole lotta finishing up ahead for really wonderful projects..--what fun! A lot more fun that re-folding and re-organizing my stash--I have done so far the basis for "reds, grays, lavendars, turquoise, blues, Orientals and Batiks" ...Phew!! that's 3 shelves' worth..enough for today as my stupid cold is making a comeback!! Ack..hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

love them all but especially the hats!

Lynne said...

A great variety of projects there!