Saturday, January 3, 2015

Valentine inspiration

hmmmmmm   while looking at some of my beautiful 
flowers from last year I got thinking about Valentines

and how well some of these colors would go together
to make a pretty Valentine project

this one reminds me of Mom. 
HI Mom in Heaven.......

I may need to pull some of these colors and see where it leads
I guess taking time and smelling the flowers can 
really refresh the soul.

what projects do YOU have in mind?

3 comments: said...

I have been wanting to do a small Valentine's day quilt for a while. I love hearts.

Julierose said...

Oh those colors would just be great together, Dawn! I finished Old Georgie into a flimsy yesterday--and then hung it up to await quilting etc. He was a bear to sew together--all those seams...ugh...but D O N E !! YAY
Moving on I am starting RSC15 with a Scrappy Split Rail in batiks and then finishing up my Jouzai (Lozenges ;--)))} hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

So cheering, flowers. Can't wait till we have them again