Friday, January 9, 2015

whole lotta shaking going on

this came in the mail   I ordered it for the holidays.
a little late but I just love cardinals
they are such a pretty bird

getting the ironing pile tamed a bit
always something to do right?

may as well try and organize this place a bit
any fabric scrap big enough to fold goes in here
better get cracking and start using them huh?

adding to the UFO piles. at least if they are in one spot
maybe I can finish them up one at a time
make a game...........have to grab one from top and go......

ut oh. .......another UFO pile.
this pile is more pressing........
babies coming and will need to be warm
I better focus
did I pick the wrong word for 2015?
I picked perseverance
maybe FOCUS would be more like it!

2 comments: said...

OK your scrap basket looks so much nicer than my scrap avalanche!

barbara woods said...

you should see my tubes full of freezer bags of scraps