Monday, February 16, 2015

free just come and get it

this is the snow at my house. my rhododendrun
that is taller than I am
is covered. I am hoping this doesnt kill it
it is beautiful when covered in purple flowers

this is the huge japanese maple in front
the snow is only a little below my windows
and covers the whole trunk of the tree

I am standing right near this mountain that is the snow
from my driveway shovellings
sorry for the face. the sun was in my eyes

path to neighbors
it is like being in a tunnel

see? a maze of snow. this had to be shoveled so 
the propane guy could
get to the tanks in back

our cars    
different angle

the end of my driveway
do you think I live in Alaska?
feels like it!

front of my house
tree covered
windmill covered
shrubs covered

down my street  
just little paths for driveways

see? pile is over the cars

this poor guys carport fell on his cars at 6 am yesterday
not fun at all.
and we have MORE coming Tues.......tomorrow.
yeah, just what we need.
please send prayers to stop the insanity!


barbara woods said...

showed Hubby your pictures, and we are worried about ice.
You be careful dear friend, they said on the news some man had a heart attack cleaning out snow.

Julierose said...

Your house looks like ours--same deal!! It seems we just finished shoveling and snow blowing!! I am so D O N E
with snow!! Stay safe and warm--don't overdo shoveling...hugs, Julierose said...

Looks like my house last year. You run out of ideas of where to put it. We keep getting the skiffs of snow about 1 inch at a time. Your feet at a time is just way too much though. Stay warm and safe.