Sunday, February 1, 2015

hazardous to my health

this little old hobby of mine can be very dangerous to my health
I mean it is an OBSESSION sometimes
see those little pieces?  when I am bored I grab pieces and just sew them into strips
I had intentions of making a coin quilt someday
the problem is the colors would not be random
they are coordinated depending on my mood
and what I have been working on
so these were greens after the Christmas projects

I found an aqua zipper and thought hmmmmmm
another zippy bag
what do you think? 
the green stripe at the top?
this turquoise fabric? (see pic below for its true color)

or somehow making with both of them
decisions decisions........
love playing in my scraps

and while I was playing, I found this
yep this was another piece to that quilt that I made Phoebes out of
this was supposed to originally be a twin size for a niece
BUT I didnt realize I had a 5 inch wide ruler and a 6 inch one and cut half of it 
as the story goes...........Phoebe got a quilt
and I have leftovers to make into a table scarf
I also used pieces a while back in a runner with dresdans
that piece was sold at the yard sale again to find a suitable backing
so I can get er done and put her in the box with the rest of my pretties......

OH NO...........ANOTHER coin piece.....LOL
this one in blues and yellow......oooooooo
I am thinking of finding some yellow to make this one

what are you playing with in your sewing room?

2 comments: said...

You are terrible! In a good way The coins to choose the green or blue would be difficult they are both so cute!

Lynne said...

I chose to make my first zipper pouch when classes resumed on Monday after the summer break. I didn't get much done; after six weeks apart there was a lot of chatting and with everyone starting new and different projects, the teacher was kept very busy as was the ironing board and the cutting table!