Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I am thinking tote bag

these scraps are a little larger than the others I found

I am thinking tote bag instead of a zippy bag

something in yellow and blue

made similar to this one I made

maybe I will attempt some cute pockets on the inside this time
they make lovely grocery bags when batted for extra support

almost makes we want to spend money at the grocery store.

but I will look cool doing it at least right?


Maybe a cute diaper bag for my daughter inlaw
something with lots of pockets and lots of room inside
then I can put some wipes and bibs and burp cloths
and maybe other little trinkets inside
now there is a thought!
what are you making with YOUR scraps????

4 comments: said...

The fabric reminded me of a taxi the yellow and black check. Diaper bag sounds like a good idea.

barbara woods said...

I am putting in seams and ripping them out

Julierose said...

My scraps are languishing lately--lost a bit of my mojo; eye exam yesterday so I couldn't see to do anything--I hate that--aaargh! Working mainly on my pinks for RSC 15 off and on...hugs, Julierose

Lynne said...

My scraps generally go into quilts but I'm in the mood to try bags and pouches and cases...