Wednesday, February 18, 2015

no sleep getting done here

remember the front of my house earlier?
I was putting up the lights
yeah well fast forward a month or two.........

and this was what it looked like the FIRST storm
since then we have had 30 more inches!
(yes my friends almost a YARD taller)
those trees in front? you cant see them
the big tree to the left?
you cant see the base- only branches stick out
no more room for the stuff
so so sick and tired of shovelling
my shoulders hurt

started saving coffee for my roses
how I long to see green grass and my roses,,,,,,,,,,

they like banana peels too
so they are in freezer bag in freezer  
awaiting the Spring thaw
maybe summer by the time this stuff all thaws!

and I knit to take my mind off things.........
like ice dams
and snow on roofs
and strange noises
and how to shovel out to get to work
and water leaks on ceilings

these two can sleep.............

but there is no sleep for hubs and me.........
just worrying and praying that summer gets here soon!

3 comments: said...

Awe I am sorry that you are fretting so much. When we get long blasts of cold weather especially with the ancient house I start getting that way too. You guys are sure getting the brunt of the cold weather this year.

Charlene S said...

I promise Spring is coming and all that snow will turn to gallons of mush. Then it will be flooding time. Finally Summer. The heat is coming!

barbara woods said...

praying for spring