Tuesday, March 31, 2015

for me

while shopping I saw this beauty.
no it is NOT a light
it is a cool looking birdfeeder
AND my birthday is Easter Sunday so it is my "Easter-birthday" gift.

so thrifty I am! LOL
you like it?  
I cant wait to fill er up with seed for my birdy friends

Monday, March 30, 2015

start of basket number two

this is the start of basket number two
you can see the noise thingy better
I need to get more stuff

and this was for the cats. it was full of treats
they quickly learned to bat it around to get them out

silly cats.........

Sunday, March 29, 2015

bunny pencils

remember these?

you stitch


stitch ears and stuff

then glue to pencils and add ribbons or flowers etc

and paint the faces

these are Valentine ones. I didnt add the candy
but just painted the faces and added
little silk flowers to ears
or in bow
to make pretty girl ones

that is how they look afterwards.
I had to make and give them for someone to finish up baskets
so no time to take pics

but You smart ladies get the idea right?

easy peasy and so darned cute!

Easter basket success

I went shopping this weekend
could not find any pool noodles
what is a gal to do............I already had the beach towels

I went to the dollar store. they had these plastic long things that make noise when you swing them

a closer look.......love the bunny
hubs was playing with him all night
he sings and flops his ears
Phoebe was not amused
Dunkin was scared of him LOL

love this little mohawk duckie.
so so cute!

one down, two more to go!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday around here

grabbed a few things for Easter basket making
I am still looking for beach towels and pool noodles

Phoebe found some boxes in my sewing room
that looked inviting
she was in and out of there so I put down a piece
of fleece
she slept while I sewed.........SUCCESS!  she was happy
and Momma was happy. no cat in my face under the machine! LOL
this reverse psychology thing really works! hee hee

I knitted a little on this blanket. the rows work up fast with the 
large needles but I need more yarn colors to keep 
the pattern going. it is using up bits and pieces
but I am combining them with soft homespun which
I need more of to make it nice and cozy.
not sure where this will reside. I was at first 
thinking for the baby but there is pink in it
and my marine son would NOT allow his son
to have pink in his blanket.
so it may end up on my couch or on the end of the bed
we will see once  I determine it done.

and played with some ideas for the boys hockey quilts
I am thinking their names in the center temecula alphabet style
and maybe a hockey stick and puck
surrounded by black large border to make it to size
I then may have to save up and have them 
professionally quilted
they will be twin size for their new bunk beds

THEN after work, TAXES...........
hoping we get some BACK this year to cover
the expense of the roof we need.......
we will see.......

Thursday, March 26, 2015

more presents

yellow and blue (my favs) 2 inch strips
gifted to me by my neighbor quilting friend.......
she was organizing her fabrics
and those pieces she was going to throw out
so she decided to pkg them up and give them to me
since I made that zippy pouch out of discards LOL

love working with others scraps........
and scraps in general
such fun in a  little bag!

and she also gave me this mug rug pattern she found
for a mug! how adorable!
she and I were thinking of mug mug rugs 
AND the teacup pouches as a cute little gift
with tea and a pretty mug

hmmmm............we could be on to something............
cookies would go well too......

I am thnking that my Christmas box will soon be full............

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easter fun

on pinterest I saw a doily basket
made with one doily on the bottom
and one as the basket part
they were so so adorable
I have tons of these from the yard sale last summer
so I may want to play and make a basket
of candies for a couple of the neighbors
and maybe the boss........
we will see how much time I have.
I am thinking to starch them with diluted white school glue
and arrange them on waxed paper around a bowl shape
I have green and yellow and pink......Easter colors!

and also saw this cutie pie! OMG...........
I need to get off the computer.
I WANT TO MAKE THEM ALL.................

What are YOU making for Easter?????

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

wish these bunnies would multiply faster

making some bunny pencils for some little ones
I cut out the shapes and tried to match with Easter pencils
for colors and fun

sewed them chain piece style.............

clipped and turned and this is the shape you get........

pinch the ears and hand stitch a knot to keep them together

stuff with small pieces of batting...........

open the end to hot glue in the pencil........

see? the ears you can bend and glue to make
different personalities.........
I will show you more including how I do the faces
cute cute............

Monday, March 23, 2015


this is what my sewing friend gifted to me. a cute bag 
with an iron on in the fabric I gifted to her

and lookie inside! squares! or are they? 

trivet in blueberries! with insulbrite inside......

and denim on the back for durability

and those squares?  not so much
they are strips sewn in a way and turned
so they look like squares

making little pockets.
how fun! these are hot pads for my kitchen 
with matching trivet
love love love my quilty friends..........

Friday, March 20, 2015

tea for two and two for tea

I think I can figure these out now that I have done some pouches
I love the tea bag on the zipper.
how cute would these be filled with some tea bags of all flavors?
I have some pretty fabrics I think would make a pretty teacup too

bouquets (that I scrounged up hee hee)
look it even has the stripe part already in the pattern

maybe a deer or two
that would make a cute cup.......

or a cutie pie jumping rope

all of these would make a cute teacup pouch you think?
if I add like 5 of these to my Christmas bin that would be good.
just sayin..........

and more of the stash would be used up

painted plant markers

I need to find some rocks
and paint some plant markers
that way in winter the rocks look ok in there
and in summer it marks where things are

now where is that paint????
(Do I have rocks in my head?)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

would these be hard to make

has anyone seen these on pinterest?
I was wondering how hard they would be to make
for my two grandsons.
looks like a pool noodle
and a beach towel for the bottom
I suppose it is all in the folding
but was wondering how I could keep the 
handles from coming out
you know kids
they will pick up by the handle

makes a nice little basket that is totally useful

update:  find instructions to make here........

you're welcome......

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

goals for this year

I have some general goals for this year
to be more tolerant of Males with the remote controls........
they BOTH tend to hoard them
good thing I am not a big tv watcher anyway........I'd much rather sew

to pay it forward more
I have been very fortunate and need to remember that
even when I am kicking and complaining about something 
Life has been good to me and I should appreciate that
and look at the positive

and I need to spend more time with family relaxing.......
just because.

do you have any goals for 2015? 
Ours started out not nice with deaths in Jan and Feb 
and it makes you think about life and how you are living it
I think it is Gods way of making us stay on the path

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

womans work

I feel like resting........but there is much to do around here.......

these hopefully will be coming up. there is so much
snow still I dont know where they are
but I tried to move them last fall to spread 
them out a bit.
I guess I will find out how well I did.....

and these containers will need to be redone with
amended soil and get ready for the new year
I ordered some blueberry bushes that grow
in containers so am excited to see them grow

and remember this last year? yeah, I need to see if my bleeding heart survived
that was a mess all over my back garden

these never got painted so that is a Spring project now
sanding and painting.........ughh
at least it is an outdoor chore. I LOVE being outdoors

this screen room needs to be purged of stuff and organized so 
we can cook out and have friends over for fun
last year it was full of stuff
and still is a bit. thats what happens when you downsize
you are left with STUFF that you need to 
find a place for or get rid of.

I know Phoebe, I am tired too.......all this organizing 
and planning........makes a gal tired

and these guys will need to be fertilized and pruned
to make them spectacular again.

a womans work is never done is it