Wednesday, April 8, 2015

flowers and pretty things

these are the lillies I got some bulbs for
I am hoping to add them to my gardens
I think 3 of them are in the package
I gave one package to my neighbor on the left
for helping me this winter with snow and ice removal
she had admired my lillies last year and I thought I would get her some of her
own to plant and enjoy

I also got a ton of gladiolus 
they were my Moms favorite flower
so I will try and plant them near the shed I think
maybe some out front too
we will see if I can support them as they get tall and fall over

I think I got a bag of mixed, a bag of all yellow and one all purple
so I think I SHOULD have a profusion of gorgeous color
we will see if my thumb is green or black LOL

and I need to find some lupines or something in my garden for my Aunt Jo
she is the one that just passed recently
she loved her gardens and her elephants
maybe I can find an elephant statue
for the garden in back and plant some flowers 
in her memory
My gardens so far have been memory gardens with some
pansies and petunias that my Gram loved, bleeding heart that Aunt Jessie
loved, gladiolus and lily for Mom
clematis for Aunt Mary
and I need something for Aunt Jo
we will see what I can find. I know it will  come to me
I want all my gardening mentors in my gardens
(ulterior motive here.....they can help with this green thumb! LOL)


Julierose said...

Lovely memory garden ideas--I love old fashioned flowers like hollyhocks and pretty...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

your flowers were beautiful last year , can't wait to see them this year said...

Your garden will be beautiful. My great grandmother when I was little and wanted to plant flowers would buy me gladiolus and I would plant them by the garage or by the woodshed. My family were not much for flower gardening.