Tuesday, April 7, 2015

goals for this year

I need to get back to working on this quilt
I love it but haven't had a chance to work on it much
there have been other pressing things that took up my time
like SNOW and leaky roofs

but soon I will have to fill these again
with nice fresh soil and nutrients

and plant more seeds...........

and move stray plants 

and find these mosquito repellents
last year the doorway smelled so nice
and I sat outside with very little bites
on me from mosquitos
this is a lemon geranium
and I had two HUGE ones in front of the steps
they usually can be wintered over
but my cats would not stay away so I let them die
(not the cats, the plants LOL) 
I need to find them this huge again
I think I got them at Lowes or Home Depot for like
15 dollars each
well worth it

these steps need to be sanded and painted
the roof guy is coming soon
so will have a new roof and need to get the steps done
MAYBE just MAYBE if we have some money left
I can FINALLY get new bedroom windows........
we will see how that goes......

this screen porch needs some organizing and cleaning up
I would love to find some patio furniture cheap and paint it all
for extra seating in here
and I would like to get or make a small side table for the patio outside
to put food on as it is coming to or going from the grill
when entertaining or eating outside
this will make a nice little spot to sit and relax this summer
I have a sign somewhere that I need to work on
it is called Porch Rules
about relaxing and reading and sipping wine etc

and this part of the lawn and garden will need lots of work
this year because of the tree last year
I have tons of new bulbs to plant
so we will see
anyone have great ideas on how to eliminate poison ivy?
the tree in back of this garden area is FULL of it
and I am allergic big time
I will need a hazmat suit to work out there LOL

1 finish baby stuff for Hunter
2 work on some UFO quilts
3 paint front steps
4 clean out screen room
5 perk up gardens and plant veggies
6 get some cheap patio furniture for extra seating
7 get bedroom windows done
8 relax and enjoy life

what are YOUR goals for the coming year?

1 comment:

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Hate to tell you, poison ivy you cannot get rid of without a soil sterilizer which is stronger than round up and will kill everything for a couple of years before you can plant again. We have lilacs across the front that there was one section so full of it that we actually killed off all the lilacs getting rid of it.

I am not really going to stress the summer this year.