Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ice dams

this is just some of the damage from ice dams
this winter
the whole length of the house
on one side
every 3 feet or so
this is what you see
I guess for this year it will be some KILZ and paint

and then do one room at a time to replace
never a dull moment around here for sure
could be worse
some people in the area had cars that got smashed with falling roofs
or carports
so I am thankful
we just have annoyances
ice dams! WHO KNEW????


Julierose said...

what a nightmare--My DH was up on a ladders chopping out ice this Winter to try to prevent them. Not easy!! hugs, Julierose said...

Yep had a mobile home once and got that. The Kilz covers it up and it probably has dried out you may not need to replace.

barbara woods said...

I used oils on ours before Easter, we had already had it fixed

barbara woods said...