Thursday, April 9, 2015

is this possible?

Do you think I can make some Christmas stockings
like this?  
I know I can make a pattern
I wont put the hole in the bottom
or I could............
the skate would be a seperate piece

I am thinking for my sons family this year
of a hockey theme
they are a hockey family
and with soon to be 3 boys, I think 
poor Samantha the Mom is outnumbered LOL

anyway, I saw these and fell in love..........
am thinking I could make the stocking part different colors
for each one of them
and make Moms skate white
also found some hockey Santa pattern to put onto kitchen towels
how cool is that?
boys wanted new quilts too so that is also in the works
I had better get a move on..........
anyone else do these crazy things? 
like make your own pattern?

2 comments: said...

That is cute and if they are hockey fans it would be so great! Yep I make it up as I go sometimes.

barbara woods said...

I think we all change things in patterns a lot