Thursday, April 2, 2015

last year this time

I went back into my photos to see what last year looked like
at this time
these were marked April 4th

I dont think they can find their way up this year!

time will tell.........not seeing any signs yet........

3 comments: said...

I saw a poor little set of shoots at the corner of a flowerbed at the high school. Is all of your snow gone yet? Doesn't it feel like we are living in a world of drab--grass is yellowy brown or olive drab, I wonder how much sun to brighten things up.

Julierose said...

I have just a few daffs trying valiantly to poke through the leftover snow tundra !! No buds on my azaleas yet and my roses are still all buds ...Spring where are you? I'll bet it'll just one day get H O T !! Hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

it will be there soon, working North