Friday, April 3, 2015

late start this year

I went out for a walk around the house yesterday to see
my gardens
this is what I found in the front of the house. I was so so 
happy to see GREEN
last year at this time these daffys were up a foot and in bloom

this is the side garden. my bunny is just peeking out of the snow
I took his picture.
the neighbor called to tell me she saw him too
this is in the side garden where my clematis
and some yellow lillies are

this is the neighbors front yard
(and NO I didnt put all my snow in her yard LOL

this is STILL the side where my roses and rose of sharon
I still cant get in there
going to be a very wet beginning for sure
hope it doesnt kill off some of my beautiful plants

and this is the front leading to that side with the snow
I still have a lot of snow here for April 3rd
just sayin.........


Julierose said...

The rains will help to melt that ice-packed snow--my little gardens are still snowbound too. Just bits of green coming through. Hurry up Spring!! I like your bunny...hugs, Julierose

sunny said...

I'm happy to say that our snow is long gone, and our crocus have been blooming for at least a week. I hope your snow will give you the moisture to have an extra special display of flowers this year!

barbara woods said...

To much snow, maybe it will heat up soon and melt it. . Our ground is still so wet! said...

You just need a couple of warm days and some rain and it will be gone.