Friday, April 17, 2015

more garden adventures

look! it's my bunny!  no more snow!!!!!!
hoping the clematis I planted there last
year will soon come up again.
I planted three more lillies in front of him 
to go with the yellow ones that are there
and some glads in the back row against the 
screen porch for some color
hoping it will be a pretty garden this year

here are the three patio blueberry bushes and one long stem is
looking forward to seeing how they grow in containers
love blueberries and these are supposed to produce a lot
I am not sure if we have to wait until next year but we will see

over near the shed the leaves of the grape hyacinth 
are so thick that I just grabbed the planters
the two long ones I put the glads in
I know but they can lean against the shed
I alternated yellow and purple back here
and in the center is my new rose bush
I figured I would let it take hold good before deciding on its
permanent home in the garden
it is a multicolored one called Dark Dragon.


I think it is pretty and different from my other roses.

and a little something is coming up in the back garden too.
I am thinking all those daffodils I never got to see last year because of the tree
I had planted about 56 bulbs so I am hoping I get a pretty show of flowers back there!

Are you doing any outside sprucing up yet? 
I am truly a farmers daughter............
you can take me off the farm but you cant take the farm out of me
and I love it!!!!!

2 comments: said...

Very pretty. I just planted 6 fruit trees yesterday and by last night I was feeling it. I have a daffodil (squirrel or bunny ate a couple more after the shoots started to appear) and 2 hyacinths.

Julierose said...

I have a few daffies coming up by my front yard rock; and my lilies are just beginning to show a green point. I have saved both marigold and cleome seeds from last year and after mid May will plant them. i love that rose--so pretty. My 3 are just beginning to show some swelling and red points...fingers crossed--isn't Spring wonderful?? hugs, Julierose