Sunday, May 31, 2015

clean up clean up everybody clean up......

remember that song for the kiddos? yeah like they dont
know we are trying to make them do something right? 
my kids never bought into it LOL

anywho, I sewed a bunch more of these together to see
how many more I could clean out of the tin
I now have 20 squares of this kind and some of planned colors

and some sewn into strips of 4  and some of 2

and found some pieces of low volume fabrics
I have an idea for a stocking
in the shape of a bone
for the niece that got new stockings last Christmas
she has TWO dogs
and I am thinking they need a stocking too!
one is a girl and one a boy so I will use the muted pink
for Lily
and the light blues in it for the boy dog. I fotgot his name
anysho, I am thinking that would be mindless sewing to make the
then a quick night to sew up the bone stockings

then into the box you go my pretties!!!!

(insert evil laugh here)

Friday, May 29, 2015

I think I am becoming a bag lady

found this in a pile to be finished
a tote that I had started who knows when
I think it is time to finish er up!
I am thinking quilted in straight lines
and unlined with a handle
for groceries or knitting or.........

I even have the fabric with it. NOW THATS something!

and yellow anyone?  this one must have hurt my eyes.
but it deserves its day to shine and be done too.

maybe I should go on a "bag week" and get them done

Thursday, May 28, 2015

I wanna be like JulieRose

shows us little peeks of Dunkin and Phoebe
and lots of Geisha girls peeking at things
on her postage stamp quilt

me? not so much
see what I mean?

horses petutie!  YEP
THATS what I get! LOL

and one running away from me..........

I guess I need to use my fabrics better.............

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I sewed this weekend!

remember this?  yeah.... that blue one

HAD to come out

I fixed it   and added borders of light tumblers

I now have the edges trimmed and it layered on batt with a backing
of dark blue

I will hand quilt it
and bind in dark blue

for my table

LOVE IT !!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

zippy lined bag part two

Ok now we will do the same to the other side
only the zipper will be on the right this time and face up

then fold back and topstitch the layers back for a nice finish


(ask me how I know!)

You will stitch the two sides and bottom seams 
now to make the bag
the zipper should be easy as  you will be stitching 
the little tabs you made

clip your corners and turn right side out
through the unzipped bag
poke  your corners out .............

and voila~   a pretty zippy bag
all lined and ready to use

or to gift
that wasnt so bad was it???

here is the other side to show you I didnt use the
same fabs only the coordinates 
I had left from a project

cute cute!

so cute I started THIS one in a softer pallet with green
I am thinking this fabric may go with it

How cute would these be for holding a 
Dunkin coffee card and some K cups

or nail polish and emery boards etc

or some candies and kleenex


have fun and use that stash
make different sizes too

make a strap

see?  fun!

Monday, May 25, 2015

easy lined zippy bag

remember these?  yeah I cut some 5 inch charms into 2 1/2 x 5 strips
and sewed 5 together
made TWO of these in the same colors not necessarily in the
same fabrics

I chose a small piece of coordinating fabric

cut out 2- 3inch strips by 10 1/2 (the length of the sewn strips in case your
seam is different)
and sewed one to each for the tops

the piece I cut off was big enough for the ends of the zipper
they were about 1 1/2 x 3  and I folded in the ends
and then folded in half and pressed

then carefully stitched to the end of the zipper

and one to the other end after I opened up the zipper
be careful sewing over the zipper teeth. I go slow and
even hand crank through that part

your zipper should look like this when done
and it should be about the same size as your piece

Now this part is important!
(my piece I cut 10 1/2 x the size of your front and back)

SEW ON THE TOP near the zipper edge

then fold it back and topstitch it down.......
we will do the same thing with the other side too!

to be continued..............

progress slowly but surely

empty pots

now have plants...............

rhubarb picking

yielded delicious muffins............

and  Iris getting ready to bloom.........

Yes things are progressing nicely..........

all except my quilt projects  :-(

I better see if I can get sewing today.......

Happy Memorial Day

I could not find the pic of my flag quilt
so here is red white and blue with stars
Happy Memorial Day everyone
and thanks to those who have served
and those who have suffered and died 
serving this country
we salute you on this day

remember too that if you enjoy yourselves too much
with cookouts and parties................

so heed the warning and be safe ok?

(sorry for the crudeness of the sign. I didnt make it.......but I thought it was cute)

and Dunkin sporting his red white and blue

yeah thats him............
looking for a comfy place to nap
he was kneading out the lumps and bunps LOL

Sunday, May 24, 2015

gotta make another pay it forward plate

last year this plate went over so well
that this year I want to make more than one
I got a plate from the dollar store
and sharpie markers
and wrote the saying and designs on the plate
then baked at 250 for an hour and let it cool in the oven
before taking it out

makes the marker permanent on the plate
needs to be handwashed only
but makes a cute little pass around plate
with goodies to spread holiday cheer

I am thinking if I make 4 or 5 of them 
each week I can pass it in a different direction

one at work
one for family
one for neighbors
one for friends etc

just a way to make someones day
and pay it forward that I am lucky and fortunate 
to have what I need

won't you try it too?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

look Julie some clematis vines!

lookie at my clematis vines!
I am so so happy
they are shooting up
whoot whoot!  check it out JulieRose !!!!

and something I planted on the side maybe glads?
they are up (among the weeds)

and I THINK this is a wayward lettuce from last year
growing alongside the blueberry bush
too funny

my bleeding heart bush came back after that tree last year fell on it
I am happy about that!
Hi Aunt Jessie! this represents my Grams sister
she was in another state and was my penpal 
when I was a kid
I sure enjoyed getting letters from her
and she would include a pressed bleeding heart flower
so this is in my memory garden for her

this is the front garden under that huge red maple
the sedum on the left always looks nice
Maybe I should try and make more of them
they turn pink in the Fall

anyone know what this silver creeping thing is?
it is pretty and spreads
but I am not sure what it is

and lookie here! my Iris is getting ready
love them!  they were so huge and pretty last year

gotta find something to put in the wishing well Dad made me.
the bottom is so small and hard to put any kind of container in there
even sideways
I had a tiny 6 inch pot and it would not fit
I wanted something pretty and cascading
like cascading petunias or something like that
we will see
you know the saying..........
necessity is the mother of invention

Friday, May 22, 2015

do you use patterns or make your own style

I was just wondering how many of you follow
patterns and how many of you wing it on your own
this is my relaxing robin which is my winging it
I really love it and need to get back to making my
little nine patch blocks for the border
I want to see how big it will make it
then decide on what to do next to finish it

this little guy was a wing it also
just simple coins
make strips and put fabric
in between and border

these two things were patterns from the internet

this cute leaf I love and  I saw the picture inspiration
and then winged it
hmmmmmm  I think there is a pattern here
or is there? LOL

this was a template so I guess pattern 

this was a wing it from strips I had sewn and paired with border fabric

this was also a wing it from playing at my sewing buddys house
she was throwing out the floral fabric so I took home those pieces
and made her a zippy bag
I used my then new tumbler (from Missouri Star)
and cut the two of them
bordered it in brown and made a strip
then paired the stripe in the fabric with a strip of pink and gold
and then a green border
the pink zipper and then it was done
she loved it!

Do you use patterns? Do you wing it?  do both?