Sunday, May 3, 2015

any gardeners out there?

my neighbor has a gorgeous hydrangea
and I want one
does anyone know how and when to make a cutting
to make a new plant?

I have been saving my banana peels and coffee grounds
and my roses got their first dose of coffee hee hee

the peels are in the freezer and soon I will thaw them
and place them into the soil

and hopefully I will be rewarded with this

I save grounds all winter in empty peanut butter jars
I have four of them that I just emptied on the garden
the next batch will go to the side garden

and front garden

these little johnny jump ups are growing like wild
but in my lawn
I tried to transplant them last year
but I guess the birds must be bringing them back
oh yeah, a dandelion too just for fun
maybe I can get revenge and make
dandelion jelly? LOL

Dunkin likes that I can grow things.
he loves cat grass
I get it once in a while for the cats

this is a goal for this year for the corner of the patio
last year it didnt happen
I used the pots all up for other things
but I want to put this in the corner
and add a chair so that when I am grilling
I have a nice place to rest

I will need to get this the next time I am out
I think someone had pots on sale 50% off this weekend
I gotta look and see

what are you doing in your garden to get ready for summer beauty?

3 comments: said...

We are just getting beds ready.

barbara woods said...

I can buy them and put them out and they die!

Julierose said...

Funny you should ask; I read yesterday that you can take cuttings from the lower, older branches and stick them in a pail of water until they root--like forsythias. I just cut some this morning--fingers crossed it'll work out...hugs, Julierose P.S. Nice roses and daffodils!