Friday, May 8, 2015

buyer beware

this adorable top was on a site called sammydress
not sure if you have seen the ads

anyway, I loved it and it was like ten dollars!
so I ordered one and two other shirts

well, they came in last week
and an XL size would fit a small teen size

they are shipped from China but the sizes
are all messed up

each shirt has different sizing

just wanted to warn you in case you are ordering

my niece is so so happy! SHE is getting this gorgeous top! 

good thing her birthday is in Aug

Happy Birthday early sweetie! 
so now I want to SEW one myself for me.

guess I am not supposed to look stylish huh

1 comment: said...

Awe that sucks. I ordered a top from a company through Zulily and had the same problem. Gave it to my daughter.