Sunday, May 31, 2015

clean up clean up everybody clean up......

remember that song for the kiddos? yeah like they dont
know we are trying to make them do something right? 
my kids never bought into it LOL

anywho, I sewed a bunch more of these together to see
how many more I could clean out of the tin
I now have 20 squares of this kind and some of planned colors

and some sewn into strips of 4  and some of 2

and found some pieces of low volume fabrics
I have an idea for a stocking
in the shape of a bone
for the niece that got new stockings last Christmas
she has TWO dogs
and I am thinking they need a stocking too!
one is a girl and one a boy so I will use the muted pink
for Lily
and the light blues in it for the boy dog. I fotgot his name
anysho, I am thinking that would be mindless sewing to make the
then a quick night to sew up the bone stockings

then into the box you go my pretties!!!!

(insert evil laugh here)

3 comments: said...

I love your blocks. A mix of modern, and old prints is lovely.

Julierose said...

Really cute blocks, Dawn! You have been busy!! Hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

I want to make another scrap quilt. It would be my forth, love your blocks