Thursday, May 7, 2015

Im a little teacup short and stout

I saw this on the internet and laughed
my Dad used to make the ones that are cut and pointed at the top
like the ones in the background of this picture

as a matter of fact he has one that he made for my Mom
She had planted it in marigolds many years ago

in the Fall he deadheads the marigolds and throws the flowers on top of the soil
and every year he is rewarded with marigolds galore in that container
my Mom has been gone since 1989 so he thinks it is amazing
that they are still coming back and blooming
I do too

must be a teacup kind of thing going on
everywhere you look there are teacups
this one is a needle holder and so darned cute! 
love it!

and of course I never made any of these yet.
I am thinking I will do a bunch of them all at once to add to my Christmas box
we are planning some summer sewing in the porched in screenroom
so maybe this will be one of the projects


Vroomans' Quilts said...

LOL - I remember having tire planters here on the farm. They were used to cover stumps of trees taken down in the yard. We even had a large tractor tire for a planter too. said...

Oh those are cute! Love the tire tea cup planter.

Jayne Honnold said...

What sweet memories to share. And thanks for the creative ideas for featuring teacups!

Carol said...

That's a beautiful tire tea cup planter! Purple and cute!

sunny said...

Love the tire tea cup! what a great idea. Your other teacups are beautiful, too.

barbara woods said...

I love all those teacups, would love to have some in my yard