Saturday, May 23, 2015

look Julie some clematis vines!

lookie at my clematis vines!
I am so so happy
they are shooting up
whoot whoot!  check it out JulieRose !!!!

and something I planted on the side maybe glads?
they are up (among the weeds)

and I THINK this is a wayward lettuce from last year
growing alongside the blueberry bush
too funny

my bleeding heart bush came back after that tree last year fell on it
I am happy about that!
Hi Aunt Jessie! this represents my Grams sister
she was in another state and was my penpal 
when I was a kid
I sure enjoyed getting letters from her
and she would include a pressed bleeding heart flower
so this is in my memory garden for her

this is the front garden under that huge red maple
the sedum on the left always looks nice
Maybe I should try and make more of them
they turn pink in the Fall

anyone know what this silver creeping thing is?
it is pretty and spreads
but I am not sure what it is

and lookie here! my Iris is getting ready
love them!  they were so huge and pretty last year

gotta find something to put in the wishing well Dad made me.
the bottom is so small and hard to put any kind of container in there
even sideways
I had a tiny 6 inch pot and it would not fit
I wanted something pretty and cascading
like cascading petunias or something like that
we will see
you know the saying..........
necessity is the mother of invention

5 comments: said...

The silvery looking plant it gets purple type flowers? It may be a Lamium. How about those planting bags for the wishing well? Your bleeding heart is looking good. I have lettuce going too.

Julierose said...

Oh so happy the clematis made it !! It will bloom after everything else dies down in the Autumn--like the last wisp of summertime--I love mine and it is fragrant, too...hugs my irises are just coming in also and my bleeding hearts are going crazy...they must be in love LOL hugs, and happy Memorial (3-day!!) weekend!! Julierose

Jayne Honnold said...

Thanks for the tour of your garden. Our irises are out and some are spent already. I think we should still have some yellow ones that are late bloomers yet to come out.

barbara woods said...

love your flowers , makes me want to buy some more

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Such pretty plants and flowers! I wish I could get into gardening. My husband loves landscaping and planting all sorts of stuff so I just let him! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!