Wednesday, May 6, 2015

more work to be done here

this little cutie from last year that my Dad made for me
needs a pail of something that hangs over I think

I am thinking maybe hanging geranium or something like that
the front is where I will put the pansies and petunias to honor Gram
I need to find more tulip bulbs to plant in there for next Springs showing
I need reds and more color for the Spring blooms

these containers have all been reused in other ways
I may need to get more for my tomatoes and peppers
I used 3 for the blueberries and one for the blackberry
and I am making the 5 tiered tower for  in the corner of the patio
I am thinking of filling it with some lettuces
and flowers and herbs

and I got some more bulbs for this  garden
we will see how they do
My goal is to have all the gardens with some perrennials
in back and some room to change it out with annuals in front
if I wanted to
that way I can have pretty gardens with not so much work
sounds good to me!
I am a little behind because of the tree falling last year
so I didnt get a chance to see much of what I had
I was afraid to overplant
as you can see here these guys are crowded
I think there are iris coming up too!
time will tell........


Julierose said...

Your gardens are coming along nicely--i see that your irises are up much further than mine are...hugs, Julierose said...

Looking lovely. Mine need to be weeded! UGH!