Thursday, May 21, 2015

things that go bump in the night

our property abuts the woods
and there are many critters that probably wonder why 
we are in their space
we have cute little chipmunks

very large turkeys,
deer , woodchucks and these are only the ones we have seen

the other night I was scared with a loud bang
coming from outside in our screen room

not sure if it was a roaming cat
or skunk
or fox
or what
but I HATE things that go bump in the night!

shouldnt scare us seniors like that! LOL

2 comments: said...

Kind of like the huge paw prints going through my garden. Wondering what is lurking in the dark.

barbara woods said...

My youngest step daughter lived in a trailor at the edge of our woods and one day went to get baby Noah some slightly bigger clothes in a unused bedroom and a snake had hatched babies in the drawer, she nearly had a heart attack. Noah will be 16 in Sept.