Thursday, June 18, 2015

a rose is a rose

the lillies on the side are getting ready for a show
they look all budded out 

this is the yellow rose that only had one bloom last year
guess it likes the coffee I have been giving it
it is loaded with buds

and not eaten..........

they are not far from the other rose that got chomped on
here's hoping that they dont get eaten before I can see them bloom!

3 comments: said...

No idea of the rose eating culprit? Do you have deer?

Patrica Dowell said...

I have a GIANT jack rabbit in my front garden that eats up most everything I plant. For the longest time I thought a very bold deer was the culprit but I finally saw him early in the morning. I swear he's as big as a med. size dog! No wonder my dogwood bush could never grow any taller than a stump!

barbara woods said...

i always thought that deer wouldn't come real close to a house until i saw two deer eating the hosti against the house next door and they were at home