Monday, June 8, 2015

a stroll around the garden

this is the front garden.........  the ground cover is silvery and pretty
with purple flowers

the side garden as I was feeding with coffee grounds
I saw some of these
I had no idea they were blooming already!

look how pretty against the house!

red rose

and more buds ready to go too

the rhododendrun is in full bloom and pretty

purple clematis is in bloom too! yippee!

how cool is that!

3 comments: said...

I have the silvery with purple flowers. It is lamium and is a wonderful ground cover. I realized I had roses blooming Saturday too. said...

Isn't it nice to see flowers after all that snow? I am sure there were times you thought you would never see the ground again without 6 feet of white stuff on top of it.

barbara woods said...

beautiful yard Dawn