Thursday, June 25, 2015

after the rain

these geraniums are such a pretty salmon color
I love them
and very prolific 
they are small but lots of blooms

and Mr Bunny is happy with his flower garden
lillies are now in bloom in that area

the front under the tree with the nest is coming along too
those are iris that are past blooming
but the yellow in the background
is some type of grassy thing that has orangy blossoms
they are pretty too

and my yellow rose this year! WOW
last year I had ONE rose on it
this year it is loaded with flower buds
Yeah for coffee grounds

and the purple clematis is going nuts
hoping to see white flowers this Fall
we will see..........

looking around the garden I see that we survived those awful thunder storms.
We were in a tornado watch here for a bit and it was scary.
We normally don't get tornados
and I live in a MOBILE........
NOT a good combo for sure!  We are safe and sound and we survived.


Carol said...

Beautiful flowers! A tornado and mobile homes are definitely a bad combination..glad things were okay for you!

barbara woods said...

glad you'll are o k , i hate those things. we have warning a lot here in the south said...

Yep we had those heavy rains and tornado watches too. When I get all fidgety DH reminds me that this house has stood for 160 years he doesn't think it is a huge threat. Your garden looks gorgeous. I would like to be able to get out if it was not all swampy, so I could weed.