Sunday, June 28, 2015

deciding how to spend my time

I think I will cut and sew up a bunch of these
in all different colorways
then when I see cutesy things on sale
like polish etc I can get and fill them up
a little matching kleenex holder would be cute inside
and a keyring holder too

and I need to work on this guy and get it done
it is small enough to hand quilt at night
and shouldnt take more than a couple sittings
then one to bind in dark blue

My Christmas box is empty this year compared to last year
I need to get busy
been doing things around the garden and house
and need to get the sewing room running

on the immediate list:
1) zippy bags
2) table runners
3) fleece socks
these are always good for stocking stuffers or little gifties

Does anyone know where I can find a Daniel Boone type hat 
that I can make? I am thinking that Landon would LOVE that
I have fake fur that I want to make into a bear pillow
and a matching hat would be cute!

3 comments: said...

OMG I went to look for the pattern, and there are actually patterns on the internet to make real ones from roadkill.

barbara woods said...

Have fun with that but please not road kill

Julierose said...

Such fun projects--I just LOVE those tumblers....if i had to choose, I would do those...hugs, Julierose