Wednesday, June 10, 2015

fun with a niece

my niece texted me an "S O S" yesterday
Auntie please help. I am going to a baby shower
TOMORROW and want to make a diaper cake
she has never made one
I texted back get some diapers and come see me after work

within an hour we had this made up. We ran quick to the 
local drugstore and got some spoons
and lotions and wipes
and a bib 
she had gotten on her own
those cute flower hairclips
and a  temperature duckie
and pacifier

so voila~
she loved it! and I loved spending part of
my night with one of my favorite peeps
Thanks Brit! Love ya

2 comments: said...

Very cute! I am sure a very much appreciated gift.

barbara woods said...

love that, almost makes you wants to have a baby