Wednesday, June 24, 2015

one lovely blog award

I was given the one lovely blog award by Collette at what about Rheema. I was never one to do these blog awards as I don't have a huge following of readers and it doesn't seem fair as I think  the purpose  is to get more followers but here goes.

Here are 7 facts about me:

1) I live in a small town with my hubs and two cats. Dunkin and Phoebe. Both cats were rescues. One from the pound and one from a dumpster where someone left him and his siblings in a trash bag to die. Dunkin clawed his way out and cried and cried where we heard him and fed him. The rest as they say is history! we love our Dunkin and our Pheebes

2) I was brought up one of 5 children on a farm. Actually the term used here is we were "market gardeners". That meant we rented the land that we grew vegetables on and we trucked them in to the market to be sold. As a kid we all hated the work, especially in the summer when our friends were going on vacations. We were picking peppers or beans etc and not having fun. It taught us all the value of a hard days work and to appreciate little things. A short trip to get an ice cream cone to us was a fun treat.

3) My Mom taught me the love of sewing. She would sew everything from my school clothes to replacing the leather on a seat for my Dad. She used to swoon over my Aunts zigzagging machine. (her sister) and I used to think someday we too will have one. It never happened but that old Singer that we sewed on was a work horse. I wish I still had her. I sewed so much in 8th grade that I got a pass out of study hall (who can study there anyway?) and sewed that class until I had a quilt. Yep my FIRST quilt. it was made of all polyester squares (ew). I made it because in history we learned that girls by the time they were 13 were supposed to have started making quilts for their hopechest. well I guess I was one hopeful gal! I finished it, tying it with yarn (are you getting a visual here?) and it was used as the backdrop for our fashion show. I was awarded the HomeEc award that year. The FIRST one! (I guess that ugly quilt really fooled them, huh? LOL)

4) I work in a small office. Our company sells concrete but I also weigh trucks going out with sand and stone. I once weighed a cow for a farmer here. Hey, where else you gonna find a scale big enough? He weighed 1900 lbs and the owner was selling him by the pound. LOL  I also weighed an ambulance for the state. Those were in my first week of working there. You just never know in a small town do you? I also do Accounting. Who knew?

5) My Aunts on my Dad's side taught me the love of gardening. My Aunt Mary loved her clematis and wisteria. Her yard always looked so pretty with the purple flowers. My Aunt Jo also loved plants and flowers.Her gardens boasted of some lupines and other pretties. My Aunt Evelyn had a vegetable stand and their love of plants involved Christmas trees in the slow season. So farming is in my genes you can say. My Aunt Jo liked to try new things like I do. Dandelion jelly? check  garlic jelly? check

6) My Aunt Jo also loved to  paint. another passion of mine. (that's my problem I like to do TOO many things! ) She would watch Bill Alexander "fire in"  and later Bob Ross "happy little trees" and painted some gorgeous paintings with water and birch trees.

7) I also am a yarn freak too! yep, crochet and knit are both hobbies of mine too. My Aunt Jo before she passed away, handed down some gorgeous crocheted handkerchiefs that HER mom made (my grandmother who died before I was born)  they are special to me and I want to incorporate them into a quilt or some kind of keepsake with the history on there. I had no children of my own but I have two stepchildren and 7 grandchildren.

so there you have it. Everything you never wanted to know about me. (***wink***)
I am not tagging anyone else for the award but if you stumble here and want to play along, feel free to do so.

5 comments: said...

The farm we live on was a truck farm. They grew veggies, and raised hogs and then would take them to Detroit to sell during the summer.

sunny said...

How fun to learn more about you. You Aunt Jo was a very important person in your life.

Carrie P. said...

Some very interesting facts we learned about you. I had never heard the term "market gardeners" It seems Aunt Jo was a very special person. I have picked up crochet again after 25 years of not doing it.

barbara woods said...

i have won one before when i had been blogging about a year. glad she sent it to you, i know i find new blogger by reading other blogs and clicking on their links

Rosemary Dickinson said...

It was fun reading all about you and your background. I really enjoyed it! Love your kitties!