Wednesday, June 24, 2015

rainy sleepy days

these little guys love a rainy day
no chipmunks to look at
no hummers at the feeders
just a good day to hunker down and nap

but Mom gets restless
so I went out to see the world
hmmmm.........a bird nest but really low
I can almost touch it!

a closer look. are those little baby bird butts?
looks like they are hunkered down too
to ride out the rain
they are not even making the usual racket when I look at the nest
normally Mom is swooping down at me
but not today.
everyone is stopped and resting

so I went in and checked out this pattern.
I have loved seeing the swoons online
and FINALLY can start my own.........

don't ya just love rainy days?

2 comments: said...

I love the pattern i am just very fussy snout my fabrics i am goiny to use in it.

barbara woods said...

i made one last year love it