Saturday, June 20, 2015

the butler

I am thinking the butler did it
yeah here is a picture of the butler as I call him

facts about woodchucks:
they live 3-6 yrs
they have 2-4 babies in the litter
they seek out other woodchucks
they eat one third of their weight in food EACH DAY!
they love vegetable gardens and bark and flowers
they damage foundations and structures
by weakening the ground underneath
they burrow and have 2-5 exit holes
they make tunnels all over

we thought there was ONE under the neighbors shed

she must have had a litter and they are all hungry

we have to call and get them outta there
there goes the garden THIS year!
no wonder my roses and gardens look shabby
I planted some bulbs and thought gee they never came up
when I looked CLOSER they are all chomped to the level of the soil


2 comments: said...

Oh we have those, not on our land, too much clay. But I remember my mom has gophers, they eat everything from underground so you aren't aware of the damage. Ground hog relocations services?

barbara woods said...

ours must have been old and died because we haven't seen his this year and he was hugh