Saturday, July 25, 2015

another productive day

I finished sewing up these Fall squares
and then went stash diving
to see what I had to border it
I at first thought orange

I have this watery printed one........

or this small floral one........but it didnt seem to 
have oomph to me......

until I found this one.
brown to ground the colors
and leaves to boot!
and bonus! have enough for the back as well
maybe with one of the oranges for binding
so this will be done another day when I 
have a good chunk of time

I had these cut out from old knit shirts that
didnt fit or I had too many of them
was thinking of my pay it forward
for this year like I did last year

and quickly sewed up 8 hats for babies
will make 8 little heads warm this Fall
maybe will try and pair them with some bibs or 
we will see

and then to kill 10 minutes
(better than being on pinterest right? LOL)
I pulled some florals out of the squares
and I think another zippy bag
will be born soon
just need a strap
and a zipper to match
what are YOU sewing today?


Julierose said...

Actually, truth be told, I fell asleep on my deck--such a lovely day and gentle breeze and COOL "No Sewing For You" a la Seinfeld hugs love your projects Julierose

barbara woods said...

I worked on a quilt top today and we had company