Friday, July 24, 2015

I have missed my sewing mornings

I finished this just now
yep this morning...........
happy Friday!  and in the box you go my pretty......

another view. I didn't box the bottom on this one. I wanted all the 
squares to show
they look so pretty
I am happy with this little bag
thanks again Sharon  for the squares
I should have showed the lining- a pretty darker blue
(need to get up to speed on my photography skills LOL)

and lookie here!
another 16 patch?

no.... I am thinking runner for Fall
I have enough to make a good size
and just need a beige or color for border
 back and binding
Yep I MISSED my early morning sewing sessions
but looks like my machine did too
she is purring like a kitten..........

speaking of kittens........
no Dunkin, Mommy is NOT letting you in.
its Mommy time.........

little buggar!
he is so darned cute
but sometimes a little pest


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love seeing all these little squares get a new life! The zip bag is really cute and yes, all those oranges would make for a great fall season runner.

barbara woods said...

like that! i made some last week for out pills , makeup and bathroom things to carry to fla.

Julierose said...

Really cute stuff, Dawn--hugs, Julierose