Monday, July 20, 2015

if you come to my house

if you came to my house to visit this is what you would see first
a tail of Dunkin greeting you at the screen door
he gets nosy when you drive into the driveway LOL

yep! its company!

I would show you around the gardens
this is ready to open up
Hi Mom

her favorite- gladiolas
I planted some near the shed in a yellow purple pattern and these in this 
garden are all colors so cant wait to see them all in bloom

this is the yellow rose I nursed last year
I thought it was a gonner
it was spindly with one little flower and not healthy looking
I fed it coffee
yep, coffee grounds almost every day
and this year it is better and loaded with buds

everything runs on Dunkin right? LOL 
actually it is from my Kcups every morning hee hee

and these guys are looking good
the cukes are a little yellow
so will have to see what they need

but all in all I am happy with my little garden
my piece of paradise
the woodchucks and deer think so too!

here is my butterfly bush
not sure why the pic is so blurry and light

here is the real color
so so pretty 
and butterflys really love it!
there you have the tour.
what? you want to see my messy sewing room?
Are you CRAZY????? LOL


Julierose said...

A messy sewing spot is a creative sewing spot! I use that one a lot LOL--lovely gardens...especially like those gladiolas....hugs, Julierose said...

Love your glads