Thursday, July 16, 2015

making the Christmas to do list

gotta make a ton more of these

and some crayon rolls for good measure

this guys is resting. Gonna help me Dunk????
guess not

how about you Pheobe? 
( dont let mom see my eyes open.........nope not me)

here is a victim, er um I mean helper who is all smiles......

he is good at putting in grommets for me
keeps him out of trouble

unlike this trouble maker. always being BAD LOL

sorry for the blurry pic but gotta make some teacup zip pouches too

more purses maybe for the gals I work with?

or should I just relax and enjoy the summer while it lasts???
too soon it will be pumpkin picking time
and getting cold again
not looking forward to it if we get a crazy record breaking snowfall like last year!
one good thing? 
already PREPAID for my propane heat
so that should make those months less expensive.........
what are YOU up to?


Julierose said...

Glad you have "grommet guy" to help you lol; after all this party prep..I would R E L A X---- a bit anyway!! hugs, Julierose ;--)))

barbara woods said...

we have to go prepay for ours soon. guess it does beat making payments during the snows