Tuesday, July 21, 2015

more of the tour....

I guess the glads near the shed are getting ready too
how exciting!
I cant wait to see if my yellow-purple plan works out

the front steps that I so lovingly painted this summer
with my mosquito repellent plants
as you can see I mowed the lawn
and my "helper" didnt sweep
so I swept after I saw this pic
dont want you dragging grass into the house right?

and my Autumn sedum in the front
I made a shoot off it
and put it in the painted popcorn tin in the front
hoping that it takes there and then I can
transplant it at a later time if I want

and the side over here the roses are still in bloom
I really need to deadhead them badly
not sure if I will have enough petals for jelly this Fall

but they sure are pretty to look at as I drive near my house
the neighbor on that side loves them too
she sees them every morning as she walks her dog

and a pic of the pink lily that was so pretty last year
looks like another good year for it

see? many buds
it may need a shot of coffee too

and Dunkin making sure you get back out to the driveway safe and sound
hope you liked the garden tour

the sewing room is off limits until I can
 organize and purge BIG TIME
but I will show you the things I make along the way
you're welcome.........


Julierose said...

Thanks for the photo tour--lovely colors--I cannot get my roses to bloom--will definitely do the coffee ground thing this year....hugs, Julierose

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

My roses were outstanding for blooms. The coffee grounds snd banana peels worked great.