Wednesday, July 22, 2015

oh scrap!

what do you do with your scraps?
I try and make something with them. most scraps 
are never too small for me
here are some green and teal scraps I had lying around
and a teal zipper

zippy bag for the Christmas box! 
well gift box. it has already been given away but thats ok

love playing with my scraps

here is a scrappy bib for my newest grandson Hunter
love those little doggies
I could not throw out that piece 
glad I didnt!

some Fall scrap strings turned into another zip bag

and from a night sewing with my friend she was throwing away
the pink floral
it was just a little scrap about 6 inches
I tried to fussy cut the roses best I could
and paired with my green, brown and pink scraps and 
a pink zipper

yep another zippy bag that I gave to my friend
for Easter.
she was surprised what I made with that scrap cast off!
Now she saves me odd bits and bobs
love it!

this is an ongoing scrappy that I started and need to
get back on track with
it will be for me
it is a round robin that stays at my house and is worked
on only by me.
I started with one dresdan
added borders
I love love love the outside border
and how the scrappy fabrics make it "sing"
I cant wait to finish this one
it will be lap size I am thinking maybe bordered in black
I wanted a quilt that didnt read blue and pink like the dresdan
I think I was successful

these little scraps were fun too.
You know Jenny?
from Missouri Star?
yeah, the enabler! THAT one LOL
she had a special on this little template
so I bought it
and then proceeded to cut up every little scrap in blue I could find

and sewed them together into a table centerpiece
love this one too
it will be quilted by hand when it is not so hot to have it on my lap
too hot now so this will hopefully be finished this Fall

and string scraps? oh yeah. they come home with me too
I made this one into a leaf shape potholder
love love love it!

and my friend Sharon of

yeah she gifted me some of her scraps
she had already cut them too! 
this is another scrappy start that I am enjoying working on
Dunkin seems to like it as well.

what are you doing with YOUR scraps?


Marly said...

Wow; you have so many scrappy quilts on the go! What a brilliant idea to collect scraps from you quilting friends. Lovely blue tumblers.

Julierose said...

Great scrap works you've got going!! i love those little zippy pouches--really cute with matching zips...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

I can't toss them either, find something to make with them said...

I use mine and the slivers get put into a pet bed.