Sunday, July 5, 2015

state of affairs around here

these blooms are gone.
they are so pretty but dont last long

yellow roses are popping up between the pinks
who knew? last year they must not have bloomed
I will have to tag them by color so I can try and make new plants
then when rooted I can plant them in a row for maximum color

and this guy is so darned cute. he was scurrying around the other day
in the heavy rain
he took shelter under my screen room awning near my steps
and provided entertainment for us and the cats
he is so darned cute I wasnt even mad when he found the bird seed
that hubs had spilled
he kept looking up at us as if to say I hope that window holds you guys back
I dont want to get wet out here
ha ha   simple things in life make the heart full


sunny said...

Cute little Chipmunk. We were getting so many squirrels at our bird feeders, that we finally had to buy a squirrel-proof model. Our squirrels are very sad and dejected. Gorgeous flowers! Don't you just love summer?

Julierose said...

Chipmunks are plentiful around my back deck, too. they have kept 'Kota scurrying about this weekend....
pretty lilies--mine aren't doing very well--just an older orange tiger lily has bloomed--hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

Beautiful blooms never last long enough said...

Cute little visitor. The boys had never seen a chipmunk and they got so excited to see them when we were traveling.