Wednesday, July 1, 2015

talkin turkey

I think this "affordable care act" is a bunch of mularky
affordable to whom I ask?????

Our work has changed. the two owners split the company 
so we will be a different company. with that comes many changes
in health insurance etc etc.

we got a packet with the new insurance coverage
we have a $5000 PER PERSON deductible
I asked if that was a typo

um WHAT??????
so why am I paying in every week. I may just as well pay
the ()&*(^&% doctors myself right????

Am I wrong to feel this way? anyone else have astronomical
health insurances?
and to boot I pay a hefty weekly premium out of my check
not much left that is for sure.

I need to work 24/7 to afford to live this life anymore
and I live in a very small mobile home..........

thanks for listening.........
THEN they have the you know what to ask if you want to contribute to
a retirement plan.
UM with WHAT?????  there is NOTHING left my dears!

2 comments: said...

I would opt out and check to see what the state/obama care would offer. Our insurance isn't bad, but have you heard that the insurance companies want to raise their premiums because more people are using the insurance?!?!? Really????

barbara woods said...

check for something cheaper that works better. it is out there. Insurance co. are rip-offs