Saturday, July 11, 2015

will they play nice together?

these are the first color coordinated blocks I made 
out of my stash

and then there was the set I made from Sharons stash
not sure if they will play well together
but I will give it a try
and see if i have enough for a top yet

I know the scrappy ones I have 20 already
I was thinking of a good night Irene for them
but it may turn out HUGE
we will see

after the car oil change and fixing the bedroom ceiling and
finishing up for the party for the Association
I may be due for more "me" time
aka SEWING!!!!!


Julierose said...

Good luck (and weather) for the Assoc. party--you have done a lot of work! Nice 16- patch blocks you've finished. I still have to catch up on JUNE RSC and haven't started July yet. hugs--have a fun weekend Julierose

barbara woods said...

do you get to craving sewing like i do? said...

I am missing my sewing time. I mended clothes for one of the daughters today.