Monday, August 31, 2015

Dunkin is still waiting

Dunkin is still waiting for Daddy to come home

not yet buddy!  he still has to improve more before they will release him

the nursing home has been great. He is eating a little and they are taking him each day
for a little exercise 
he is not steady on his feet yet
and the sugar is not regulated enough yet

he has a pill and insulin 3x a day
we will find out all about it after the holiday

he gets very tired and sleepy and I guess
the sugar is tough to regulate for him

we are hoping that this new chapter of our lives
will enable us to catch on quickly
and do what we have to do

I faint at the sight of needles so this will
certainly be a test
and hubs is not thrilled either
not sure if a visiting nurse is an option
it may be very expensive and
we both need to be able to do it

I have not worked on much except a little sewing here and 
there making zip bags for my gift box.

I took out the turkey apron to get er done
and finished the potholder. I dont like the way they 
left the raw edges so I am going to cut out
an apron in muslin to finish mine better

once that is done, Mr Tom for the table 
should be in line next to be worked on
I am just doing the little spurts to put zippers in
the bags and got three more done today

I wont show all of them. you saw the piecing of them before
I am trying hard to get everything done 
around here and visit with hubs too
some days life gets really hard but
I get strength from knowing that God
would not leave me with too much to handle.
together he and I have this.

be patient and soon I will hopefully be able to 
show more quilting projects done
have a great day everyone!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

hubs is moving slow but sure

Dunkin is waiting for Daddy

he is still in the nursing home
and his sugar levels are difficult to control
he has not been able to walk without becoming

we will wait and see how this will turn out

after the holiday we are to learn how to tell
how much sugar and when and what to eat etc

so much to learn

Christmas time is a coming

a Christmassy looking bag
with the zip on the side
I like this version

I think the only thing I would do different is add a strap

this one is big enough I think for a kindle or tablet
so into the box you go my pretty
(insert evil laugh mwahh ha ha....)
I tried hee hee

Saturday, August 29, 2015


another quick spurt of sewing yielded some twins-
these two came from the same sewn piece just at different points of the piecing
this one bag has a zip at the top

another quilted piece gifted to me by my friend-
don't I have the best friends??? 
thanks Jacky!

and this one with a side zipper
the zip is on the right
I suppose good for a left handed person

I wasnt paying attention

but still cute none the less.

Friday, August 28, 2015

is being a bag lady bad?

sewed a little and made another bag
this fabric was a quilted piece gifted to me by my friend

I better not show her. she wont be gifting me anymore ha ha
anyways, the lining is a stripe

I have to trim up that top but wanted to show you what I have been up to 

just little bursts of sewing
but still fun

do I havta wait till Sept 15?

this mystery is fun
especially for the table topper size
because it is very doable even in between other projects

I wonder how we will put them together

I really dont want to wait until Sept 15th
anyone else doing this mystery with Dasha and I?

another fun project made from squares
I think when I am done with these I will cut up my whole stash in squares
so many little time


Thursday, August 27, 2015

I have been quiet

maybe because my mouth was full! LOL

I needed a quick type meal that was good and easy for me
so that I could run back and forth all week to visit hubs
stuffed pepper casserole to the rescue

just some ingredients I had in the pantry

along with rice and hamburg and garlic and onion
and green peppers

and voila!  YUM

I think next time I would use less tomatoes but this really 
was delish!
google it for recipe
I kinda used a little of a few of them
some added cheese, I didnt
tastes like stuffed peppers and was
easy peasy to prepare

a keeper for sure

Fall is in the air

I put this on the door and am getting ready for Fall

time to stop and smell the flowers.....or at least decorate with the pretty
colors of Fall

love using them in my stash too!

but NOT looking forward to this......AT ALL
hoping last winter we had enough snow for a while
we don't need any more record breaking snow going on 
last year we had over 100 inches of snow..........
there was no where to put it!  every two days it snowed AGAIN
talk about hating the plow guy! LOL
what do you do to get ready for Fall/winter?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

ok hard choice here

I like the way this reads "warm"

but I like the "cleanness" of this one

which one do you like best?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

another six by nine in the making

the start of another sewing mat
6 x 9
I am running out of blues
so may need to add some from my stash

Sharon, did you ever think I could use up all these squares?
ha ha  it is like a challenge to me
and will be interesting to see how many things got made out of these

goes to show you with the yardage I have
I wont live long enough to make it into enough things
these scraps seem to be going very far

I like the little peek a boos of the dogs etc
will be fun to look at while sewing

if you want to make a mat for yourself............
I am just sewing some 2 1/2 inch squares
into a 6 x 9 grid and a 2 x 9 grid
then will find some fabric to add to the 6x9
that will be about 7 inches x the length of the piece (18 1/2 ish)
that piece gets sewn to the bottom of the 6x9
then you back the 2x9 pocket and quilt it
bind at top
back and quilt the 6x9 new piece 
put the pocket at the bottom
sew verticle lines to make pocket sizes you want
to hold thread, pincushion, pattern, extra bobbins etc
and bind all sides
I think I will add that rubber stuff for the backs of rugs
to keep it from sliding on my slippery desk

a nice little sewing mat
essentially for "free"
using up scraps and batt pieces

Monday, August 24, 2015

what is this in rosy pinks

I pulled out some muted rosy pinks and grays and beige or tans
and sewed up 6 x 9 for a sewing mat back

and 2 x 9 for a pocket
wonder who this may be for?
a Christmas gift in the making?????

for those who have asked they took hubs out of intensive care so that is a good thing.
I will visit and see what is what after work
I miss him and so do the cats.
they are always looking for him
not knowing why he is not here
he is a funny guy too.
I went up to see him last night with the paper
for him to read etc and to visit
5 min go by and he says 
"why dont you just go home"
so much for him missing US! LOL

Sunday, August 23, 2015

the loves of my life

here is my "angel " Dunkin
how cute is this face?

NOT! LOL  here he is rearranging my quilt top to 
his liking

and on a treasure hunt

Phoebe my sweetie just stays out of his way LOL
she's no dummy!

he is a watchdog.........

a caring friend.........."you alright in there MOM?"

a helper......... hmmm lets see what this box is all about
a new bed?  nice and soft LOL

Hi Dunkin.........
you make Mommies day
no matter what!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

not the weekend I wanted

this UFO is almost done
not because I was "good" and got er done-
hubs is in the hospital and they are doing tests
so I brought this with me to
keep my mind and hands busy

I hand quilted straight lines in one direction
with big stitches
and finished it this morning

except for the binding
that is all that is left
and a label

here is hoping that they find out what is wrong with hubs
I certainly dont want to finish all my UFOs this way

Dunkin agrees  
he likes the quilt
but he and Phoebe slept in the living room
waiting for hubs to come back home

please say prayers for them to find out
what is wrong and heal him
thank you....

am I square?

remember the saying to "be square? " LOL
Here is ANOTHER project I am working on

yep you know me. I cant just work on ONE thing now can I????

this is a Christmas present for the cats........

shhhhhhhhhh  dont tell Dunkin and Phoebe
it is a new mat for their food bowls

I always sew up scraps and quilt them into placemat type things
and I put their bowls on it to try and contain the mess
they are such messy eaters
I should have sent them to grace school huh?

anywho, another project using up squares and I think
all the black or dark squares that were gifted by Sharon
are used up. at least the 2 1/2 inch size.
dont get me started on the 3 1/2 LOL
you think the kiddos will like it?

Friday, August 21, 2015

found some muslin

I am thinking this muslin makes it look cleaner

again sorry for the bad lighting
note to self...........when you redo this room get overhead lighting put in

I am liking this one better
what do you think?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

dont think I like this

sorry for the dark pictures  my sewing room doesnt have much light
I pulled this beige paisley print
to audition for my turkey runner

I dont think I like it

I think I need to get back to the drawing board
what do you think?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


from being gifted a ton of squares...........

to pulling Fall colors and sewing them up............

and rumaging my stash for some 5 inch charms for feathers

to sewing them up in pieces to make this runner.........

just gotta find my muslin or light beige yardage
for the background
and make a decision for the belly and head

I am even toying with the idea of drawing a pilgrim hat
and shoes for this guy

I should just get him done 
and make a second one for my nieces birthday.
he did come together fairly quickly for me
what are you working on?