Thursday, August 13, 2015

I am thankful for friends

this is what I was doing with Sharons squares that she gifted me

I am getting a lot done with them and having fun
doing it

My Friday night quilting buddy is making runners to sell
at a craft fair. She is the one who "introduced" me to the
enabler named Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt

anyway, she is making this turkey runner and it is so
darned adorable

so I came home and said hmmmm I already have the squares cut out
let me see if I have "fall " ones.
So I picked them out and placed them in rows 6 wide until I had 12 rows
and chain stitched leaving them "webbed" so they would not come out of order
and sewed and sewed before going to work
believe it or not it only took 20 min to sew this
center section up after they were laid out

                                                               this is the pattern  and I found some dresdan blades that I cut in Fall browns and reds but I cut mine 8 inches. I think these are supposed to be only 5 inches.
I will check that out before cutting any more- I need 15 of them for each turkey

OR I will make a large turkey one for my nieces and then do this one for me

isnt it fun to have friends? enablers? accomplices?     partners in crime????? LOL

the funny part is I could not find my dresdan ruler so did I borrow hers? NO
I ORDERED ONE  then found mine...........yep..........BAD BAD BAD

5 comments: said...

ROFL Oh you are having way too much fun. I have seen a pattern similar to that before, but it is very cute I totally agree and it seems fall is speeding toward us.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

This is going to be so darn cute!! Glad to have enabled.

barbara woods said...

hate when that happens

Julierose said...

Oh so cute!! I don't blame you for getting one (enabler moi!!) lol Hugs, Julierose

sunny said...

Love the turkeys! I think I might need to make one of those. You always have such cute things!