Wednesday, August 12, 2015

mystery playing

this is what is left to be put into rows from my mystery
I am thinking this is how they will go?

and maybe for my table topper it is a 4 block
but two blocks of one pattern and 2 of another?
this looks feasible to me......

not sure if I have these turned right but I think these 
two will go with the next two rows

almost as much fun as playing on pinterest! LOL
anyone else doing the mystery with Dasha and me?
I "enabled" my Friday night sewing partner
and she has one started in Fall colors.........
the more the merrier I say!  she doesnt 
have a blog and just saw mine when I showed her.

today makes two years since we moved here. It is also
my Mothers, brothers, and nieces birthday.
three generations born on the same day.
Happy birthday guys!  LOVE YA!

2 comments: said...

I am enjoying the mystery vicariously through you. I am being a good little quilter and finishing up UFO.

barbara woods said...

Like you block