Wednesday, August 19, 2015

this time last year

this is what I was making this time last year.
I guess in August I tend to feel like Fall
my sister in law was gifted this table centerpiece and she LOVES it
this year she is getting one a month for Christmas so she can change them out
and maybe a Fall runner too if I finish them up

these were the treasure rocks for the yard sale
so much fun to make and fun for the kiddos to 
crack open and see the prize

if anyone needs a recipe for them, search treasure rocks online
they are made with flour, coffee grounds, sand, salt, water and food color
and look like real rocks when dry and done
you stuff little dollar store trinkets in them
and voila
some fun for the kids
I may make some for them for Christmas
it is a toss up between these and some "money tree seed" walnuts
anyone ever make them? you carefully crack the walnuts so the shell
halves are whole. you take out the nuts and use them
then you fold up real small a dollar bill and glue the nut shut with
a ribbon to hang on the Christmas tree

I used to put them in a bowl and the kids would help me hang on the tree
told them I wanted a money tree for Christmas
and they could not believe it when we cracked them to make nut cookies
and there was money in them! how could that be???

oh the magic of the holidays and kids........LOVE it!

2 comments: said...

You are so into the holidays. I think it is cool. I can't get motivated this early yet.

barbara woods said...

i Have started making a few things for Christmas but can't show them on my blog