Friday, August 14, 2015

turkey lurkey or is it the turkey trot

I spent a few minutes recutting the 5 inch dresdan
I went through my charm packs and picked out 15 charms
I can get two blades out of one so both turkeys will be the same
I seem to have a problem with the area for the center circle
and the head though

the feathery one is too light
I love the cinnamony one with black dots but I only have
a smidgeon of it
the other one would be more for feathers on the back  I think

so I went to this picture for inspiration
a real turkey we had lurking this Spring when he was looking
for a mate and food and a place to stay
he didnt pay rent so we kicked him out.......

any suggestions for the front part of this turkey?
should I go dark for the circle and then lighter for the head?


Julierose said...

Actually, I like the light--it looks like the tip of Mr. Turkey's wing...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

I like that orange, color of the one visiting last spring said...

I think you need a red orange for the head. Love the light color though that kind of looks like feathers.