Wednesday, August 5, 2015

when in Rome do what the Romans do

Isnt that a funny saying?  but so so true

How many times have  you seen something on blogs that you just have to make because you saw it?
Yeah.........I thought so...........

well my friend Dasha  at  commented on one of my blog posts that I should join her in a mystery

At the time I said to myself, naw I want to finish up some UFOs. (since when did THAT stop me from joining in?) ha ha

well, with all those squares already cut for me, All I have to do is the half square triangle ones and then play with the layouts. I decided on the runner layout and my background will be scrappy and not all one fabric.

here is where the mystery is located.......

Mystery Scrappy Step 5a

I have the squares cut so I skipped to step 5 and sewed up my two of these. no pics of mine yet but they will come.
I need to make a gazillion (not really) half square triangles then I will be able to catch up.

What have your friends "talked you into making"? LOL

I love my friends.............

3 comments: said...

LOL you succumbed to quilting peer pressure.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Well with all those steps already finished, why not jump in. I went and took a look, but I am just too busy right now. I'll watch you instead.

barbara woods said...

Not cancer